The Republican National Committee is hopping back into the Alabama Senate election on behalf of Roy Moore, an RNC official is proving to The Daily Beast. The news was first pointed out by Breitbart. The decision by the committee to set fund and staff members behind the Moore campaign comes hours after President Donald Trump formally endorsed the Senate candidate, who has been accused by multiple women working in having sexually preyed on them when they were teens. A party committee commonly follows the directives of its president. But the RNC &# x27; s decision signals a remarkable reversal that allows the committee. The RNC has been hyper-critical of Democrat for any ties they have to men facing sexual harassment allegations, having pressed lawmakers to return campaign contributions from , among others, Harvey Weinstein. And after the first accusations emerged against Moore, the RNC did eventually cut off its own fundraising ties with the Moore campaign. “The recent accusations against Judge Moore are deeply troubling, ” said RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney-McDaniel said at the time. “He should step aside if there is any true to them at all.” The RNC &# x27; s reversal comes on the same day that Mitt Romney, the chairwoman &# x27; s uncle and the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, denounced Moore and said there was no place for him in the party.

— Sam Stein

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