A new season of Roseanne is set to debut March 27, 20 years after running off the air. And according to series inventor Roseanne Barr, they’re keeping up with the times: Her character is gonna be a Trump supporter.

Speaking at a Television Critics Association event on Monday, Barr said she seemed a responsibility to reflect the real America:” Half the people voted for Trump and half didn’t. It’s merely realistic. I’ve ever attempted to portray a realistic portrait of the American working-class people and, in fact, it was working-class people who elected Trump, so I felt that was very real and something that needed to be discussed, especially about polarization within the family and people actually hating other people for the way they voted, which I feel is not American.”

( The working-class-people-elected-Trump argument has been widely circulated but it is not, in fact, reality. Also, half the two countries did not be voting in favour of Trump. About 62 million Americans did, which is about 20 percent of the two countries .)

Barr, who is a Trump supporter and has expressed pro-Trump feeling on Twitter, claims she doesn’t ever is accepted that the president says or does, but bristled at a reporter’s topic about him being xenophobic. Asked about the possibility of setting up Oprah Winfrey running in 2020, she had another nominee in head:” I reckon I would be a better chairperson than Oprah and Susan Sarandon, perhaps even President Trump .” She claimed she couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton” because of Haiti .”

Barr tweeted last summertime that the new show is” not about Trump ,” but that tweet is now deleted. On Monday she added that she’s not currently tweeting because her children” took my Twitter password away from me .”

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