There is no shortage of women coming forward with narratives of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, so former President Barack Obama has offered a simple style to fix the imbalance of power that leads to this toxic culture: Set more women into leadership positions.

During an event organized by the French networking organization Les Napoleons, Obama point out here that that there should be” more focus on putting women in power because men seem to be having some problems these days .”

” Not to generalize, but wives seem to have a better capacity than humen do, partly because of their socialization ,” Obama explained, France2 4 reports.

While he declined to epithet any specific politicians, sexual harassment and assault accusations have rocked the Capitol recently. There is the ugly campaign to elect alleged child molester Roy Moore( R-Ala .) to Congress; then there are the multiple females have come forward with sexual harassment accusations against Sen. Al Franken( D-Minn .) and Rep. John Conyers( D-Mich .).

Obama asked presidents, and perhaps voters, to give more power to the disenfranchised.

” How can I attain the person or persons around me better ?” Obama said, pointing to a need for change.” How do I empower them … how do I build a team where everyone’s pulling together to get something done ?”

Obama’s comments quickly ran viral, as news sites implied the former president was calling on Americans to elect more women around Congress. For many progressives and women, that doesn’t sound like a bad notion right about now.

Others imagine Obama should still be president. Obviously.

Well, at the least there’s always Michelle Obama.

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