I’m sorry to say the 65 -inch 4K Tv you only bought over the holidays is already outdated. At least, compared to the 88 -inch 8K presentation LG simply unveiled. Yes, the Korean giant’s newest TV has twice the maximum resolution of the most expensive specifies on the market.

For you spec nerds, its total solving is 7, 680 x 4,320 or 33 million pixels. That’s all we know in terms of specs but devoted the utilization of LG’s tried-and-true OLED technology, we expect perfect blacks, strong contrasts, and vivid colors. It also has an extremely thin bezel, similar to the razor-thin wallpaper TV LG depicted off last year. This isn’t the first 8K Tv nor is it the largest Tv ever liberated, but it’s the first time we’ve seen 8K be included with OLED, what many believe to be the standard in display technology.

Don’t expect to be drawing this gorgeous display off Best Buy shelves anytime soon. Not merely is it impossible to discover content to stream at that resolution but the price of an OLED TV with such a high pixel concentration could cost dozens of thousands of dollars. This is, for all intents and purposes, LG showing off to its competitors ahead of one of the most important trade demonstrates in the world.

The company will display the TV at the Consumer Electronics Show( CES) in Las Vegas next week where we’ll get our first hands-on look and hopefully learn more about it.

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